Bar del Corso


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The last few weeks we hit a few milestones. The bar is built and almost done, the floor tiles went in, the kitchen backsplashes are in, the hood is all hooked up and the fan and fire compression system installed, the walk-in arrived and was built and ready to go, a bunch of electrical work was done, the walls were all painted and the exterior lights were installed. We’re in the final stretch but still have a ton of things to do. So the big question is when do we open? Still projecting to be open in mid-June and we will do whatever we can to make it work! Keep your eye on this spot for the actual date to be set – my guess is we will have an idea in a couple weeks.

And… Jerry had his last day at Betty last Friday with a really nice send-off from the crew up there – thanks for all the well-wishing and champagne!

Extra special thanks to Lito Tolentino for all his help last week!

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