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  • May2nd

    The final product, now en route to Seattle. This is where the magic will happen!

  • April28th

    Oh snap!

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  • April28th

    The first coat of primer is on the walls, the ceiling in the main room is done, the tracks for the lights are going in today and the hood has been delvered and ready to install. This weekend we’ll have our painter’s pants on!

  • April22nd

    We’re still developing the menu, including the beer/wine list, and cocktails – libations if you will. Our menu offerings will be based on what is seasonally available so it will change quite often. But here’s a sample of what the menu could be. Sample Menu

  • April20th

  • April19th

    Our pizza oven is being made for us in Napoli, Italy and it’s almost finished. Then it will come over by boat and train. We wish we could go over and make the journey with it.

  • April16th

  • April13th

    Here are a few photos from our build out. There are a bunch more but we it to be a surprise when we open, which should be in early summer. We’ve got the Application for Liquor License posted on our window and our plans were approved by Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development, so we’ve started construction, plumbing and electrical updates. New insulation has been installed and drywall will be going up this weekend. Then a whole lot of painting and the place will really take shape.

    Working on getting all the old paint off the transom windows.

    Mark, our contractor and also an awesome drummer!

    No more Pub sign!

    Visitors bearing gifts of food!

    And at the end of the day….beer, courtesy of Georgetown Brewery!

  • March12th

    The build-out is underway…stay tuned!

  • January3rd

    We want to bestow our best wishes for the new year to all the people who have been supporting and following us. Our first post of 2011 brings some exciting news and plans. The keys to 3057 Beacon Ave. are now in our possession and we’ve clearly got a ton of work ahead. We took some “before” photos over the weekend and today Jerry is in the space, looking over the plans with our builder, and marking anything that is going to be torn out with spraypaint. So I guess that means we are officially in the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-dirty phase.

    We both just got back from an amazing Christmas holiday in New York where we visited family and ate lots of pizza and some incredible Italian dinners. It was a little mini-honeymoon since we just recently got hitched!

    Last, we got a little write up by Allison Austin Scheff in the January 2011 Seattle Magazine. Check out the little blurb on page 118 or online.


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