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  • November15th

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    We are opening our doors on Sunday as a pop-up cafe – and to raise money for our friend Mark Henesy as he battles cancer. We will be offering breakfast items, including coffee, mimosas, baked goods, quiche and fried donuts. We will also have a silent auction, with some great goods and services donated from our friends and neighbors.

    To get the most money to Mark, please bring cash and/or your checkbook. Those of you who cannot make it but would like to donate, please visit:

    About Mark’s diagnosis: Tonsilar cancer, Stage IV. With such a high staging, the treatment is aggressive, with both radiation and chemotherapy concurrently. This puts Mark out of work for roughly 4 months, and cancer treatment alone is expensive. 

    Mark is a fixture here in our neighborhood, as a longtime barista at Victrola coffee. He views his job as more than just slinging coffee, rather as being an integral part of a community. Perhaps that is because he has chosen a life of service, and helping people in need. We are so fortunate to have such a great community here on Beacon Hill, plus the community of people who come through our doors every night. So we are asking for your help.

  • August19th

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    Bar del Corso is hosting a pop-up on Sunday, August 24th, from 11am-2pm (or until all the food is gone!)

    Girls Gone BBQ, will be serving up a menu of their Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs, Chipotle Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese, Hickory Smoked Collards & Kale and Cole Slaw for $14. Veggie plate for $7. Kids plate of a pulled pork slider with mac & cheese for $5. Additional slider for $3. Burnt end for $2. Come get some kick-ass bbq and your rib on!!!

    Southpark Sourdough will have assorted bread and pastries, including plain, beet and nut sourdough, baguettes, fougasse, plain and nectarine/cream cheese croissants, plain and anise/orange/lavendar brioche rolls.

    We will also be serving local craft beer and a small selection of cocktails.

    Cash preferred – VISA and Mastercard accepted.
    Kids are welcome.
    Eat in or take out.

  • October14th

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    We will be serving Barrel-Aged Negronis at the end of the month. Believe it or not, we found this barrel in the back of a burned-out Fiat in the side streets of Palermo. We almost lost it to a trio of drinking buddies at a watering hole in the Ballero Market, but we were able to wrest it back when one of them passed out over his glass of zibbibo.

    Stay tuned!



  • October12th

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    We’ve been meaning to get back to posting in our blog now that we’ve been open for over two years. Most of our posting up to this point has either been during our build out. Anything new has been on our Facebook page. It makes sense to begin keeping a record again and it just so happens that the thing we are talking about amongst ourselves the most these days is Initiative 522.

    A “yes” vote on 522 would give Washington shoppers more information about what’s in their food and control over their shopping decisions. Under this initiative, genetically engineered foods to be labeled could include chips, cold cereals, soft drinks, candy, corn and soy. Our food is already labeled with abundant nutritional information including sugar, sodium, whether flavors are natural or artificial and if salmon is wild or farm-raised. Additionally, American companies are already required to label genetically engineered food in 64 other countries. They should provide the same information to American shoppers.

    This November, it’s up to us to decide. Let’s vote for the right to know what’s in our food. Yes on 522.

  • June13th

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    Our beautiful oven arrived after several long weeks of waiting. It came with fanfare on a big flatbed truck and they pulled back the sidewalls and there it was, wrapped up in a cocoon of heavy plastic wrapping. I let out a little shriek. A big smile spread out across Jerry’s face. It went onto a forklift operated by a man with a stogie (it was 10 am), then onto the ground, where the cocoon was peeled away to reveal the gorgeous blue tiles. Another shriek. Back onto the forklift, and halfway into the space when…

    I’ll let you read the Seattle Magazine article for more.

  • June4th

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    We’re thrilled to announce our new-hires!

  • May17th

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    The last few weeks we hit a few milestones. The bar is built and almost done, the floor tiles went in, the kitchen backsplashes are in, the hood is all hooked up and the fan and fire compression system installed, the walk-in arrived and was built and ready to go, a bunch of electrical work was done, the walls were all painted and the exterior lights were installed. We’re in the final stretch but still have a ton of things to do. So the big question is when do we open? Still projecting to be open in mid-June and we will do whatever we can to make it work! Keep your eye on this spot for the actual date to be set – my guess is we will have an idea in a couple weeks.

    And… Jerry had his last day at Betty last Friday with a really nice send-off from the crew up there – thanks for all the well-wishing and champagne!

    Extra special thanks to Lito Tolentino for all his help last week!

  • May2nd


    The final product, now en route to Seattle. This is where the magic will happen!

  • April28th

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    Oh snap!

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  • April28th

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    The first coat of primer is on the walls, the ceiling in the main room is done, the tracks for the lights are going in today and the hood has been delvered and ready to install. This weekend we’ll have our painter’s pants on!

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