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Our beautiful oven arrived after several long weeks of waiting. It came with fanfare on a big flatbed truck and they pulled back the sidewalls and there it was, wrapped up in a cocoon of heavy plastic wrapping. I let out a little shriek. A big smile spread out across Jerry’s face. It went onto a forklift operated by a man with a stogie (it was 10 am), then onto the ground, where the cocoon was peeled away to reveal the gorgeous blue tiles. Another shriek. Back onto the forklift, and halfway into the space when…

I’ll let you read the Seattle Magazine article for more.

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  • Comment by angielena Vitale — July 9, 2011 @ 2:22 pm

    This oven is SEXY! I cant wait to eat Pizza out of her. Nice job you guys I hope your first week is going well

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