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We are opening our doors on Sunday as a pop-up cafe – and to raise money for our friend Mark Henesy as he battles cancer. We will be offering breakfast items, including coffee, mimosas, baked goods, quiche and fried donuts. We will also have a silent auction, with some great goods and services donated from our friends and neighbors.

To get the most money to Mark, please bring cash and/or your checkbook. Those of you who cannot make it but would like to donate, please visit:

About Mark’s diagnosis: Tonsilar cancer, Stage IV. With such a high staging, the treatment is aggressive, with both radiation and chemotherapy concurrently. This puts Mark out of work for roughly 4 months, and cancer treatment alone is expensive. 

Mark is a fixture here in our neighborhood, as a longtime barista at Victrola coffee. He views his job as more than just slinging coffee, rather as being an integral part of a community. Perhaps that is because he has chosen a life of service, and helping people in need. We are so fortunate to have such a great community here on Beacon Hill, plus the community of people who come through our doors every night. So we are asking for your help.

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